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The Adventure To-Go Food Jar 0.35L/12 OZ-- 4 Hours Hot- 4 Hours Cold-Leakproof- Easy Clean Wide Opening- Dishwasher Safe- Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation- BPA Free

The Adventure To-Go Food Jar is modern in design and enduring in performance. Insulated and leakproof, these new essentials should stay by your side day in and day out. Made for work days, adventure days, and every day- this next-generation is lighter, slimmer and sleeker than ever before. The jar has a wide opening for easy food filling without spilling over the sides. Keep your food hot or cold for 4 hours; if you are into Gazpacho or a warm hearty soup, this jar has you covered. With the help of double-wall vacuum insulation, you can make your food in the morning and indulge in the afternoon without any change in temperature. Being dishwasher safe is the final feature and closing argument to why you need this jar in your life.

"18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free
Double-wall vacuum insulation
Leakproof + packable
Wide opening for easy cleaning
Dishwasher safe"

At Stanley, we believe that through invention and originality, we create a more sustainable, less disposable life and world. Our Built For Life™ product promise and century-old brand are the foundations for our approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Having made big sustainability commitments, Stanley looks to eliminate the need for single-use disposables and increase recycled content materials every year. That’s something everyone can get behind."

This vacuum bottle is designed to clean easily. Throw it into the dishwasher once home, ready to hit tomorrows commute or international adventure. Every piece of this stainless steel vacuum bottle is dishwasher safe. "

We are a brand that has kept its promises since 1913. We build products to last a lifetime that you can use in rugged environments, delivering innovation of keeping food and drink at the ideal temperature. We are committed to our word. Backed by our lifetime warranty and our Built for Life™ guarantee, we ensure our products will endure and sustain in your outside world."

In 1913, William Stanley, Jr. invented the world’s first all-steel, vacuum-insulated bottle. In the century since, his vacuum bottle evolved from a concept to an icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road trips and outdoor adventures. His legacy continues today in everything Stanley engineers. Water bottles with flip-up straws. Travel mugs that fit neatly into car cupholders. Food jars with integrated sporks. Even high-performance cooking sets. For Stanley it's all about ramping up your time outdoors with gear you can count on from dusk to dawn, from coffee to kick start your day to spirits to cap off the evening. Built for you, built for life.

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Adventure To-Go Food Jar 0.35L polar

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€ 35,95
Adventure To-Go Food Jar 0.35L polar

107 H x 100 W x 100 L mm

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Afmeting 107 H x 100 W x 100 L mm 350 ml.
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